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Leeds Recording



I had the opportunity to record at Leeds Recording and it was a dream come true. I have always wanted to record 100% analog, and Leeds was the perfect place to do that!! The sound quality was so warm that is sounded like a finished product, even before mixing. Not only was the gear top notch, but the vibe in the studio is second to none. My band was able to relax and not worry about silly issues like sound bleed and isolation. The lighting and decore made the whole space feel warm and comfortable, and made it easier to focus on making music. I HIGHLY recommend anyone to try Leeds FIRST! You won’t be disappointed.
— Derek Frank
Leeds Recording provides an excellent environment to create on a professional level without sacrificing the grounded and interpersonal nature of the creative spirit. Adam Leeds seems to be in touch with this, and I highly recommend recording here.
— Henry Perry
Adam is a top notch guy and has built beautiful facility with top of the line equipment and a comfortable vibe that lends itself to creativity.
— John Wilson
I had such a great time. This studio is incredible. Adam is incredibly passionate and it was a pleasure all around. Thank you Leeds Recording!!!
— Whitney Murphy
Leeds Recording is first rate!!! They did an amazing job of capturing the nuances of our ballad last night. The room, the gear, and the overall vibe is excellent. Highly recommended!!!
— David Daughrity
Comfortable environment for those creative juices! I recommend Leeds Recording to all bands and artists because the space and sound is perfect.
— Polo Stoner
Top of the line engineer and a beautiful studio. We will be doing our full album here with Adam.
— Mathew Barringer
From the minute we walked into Leeds Recording we felt at home. We felt that we now had the space to actualize the sounds in our heads. We felt very relaxed for the entire process. The gear is top notch as well. Recording through a Neve console into a Studer tape machine was something we had only dreamed of. Leeds Recording made that a reality. That is what Leeds Recording is all about, creating a friendly and very relaxing home type of vibe while still having industry standard equipment from the console all the way to the outboard gear. Adam is an excellent engineer that helped us take our songs to the next level. Thanks Leeds Recording!
— Noah Klibonoff
Great spot, organized and Adam is knowledgeable. Definitely one of my top 5 studios on the planet right now!
— Lil’ Bre
Really unique and nice! I’m impressed!!! Glad to see that someone’s looking out for these unnoticed and unappreciated artists, helping them get some recognition.
— Denise Spenser
Had a listening session for my artist. At home feel, a very professional sound, amazing look, very creative vibe and top of the line equipment.
— Kangaroo
I had an amazing session at Leeds Recording. Feels great walking in the door. The set up and design is top notch. A great balance of art and sophistication to go along with a solid sound. Good people and amazing equipment all around. I love that recording to tape is an option as it’s hard to find these days. Can’t wait to get back in there!
— Adam McDonough